Pride Guide x HBO Max
Sponsored by HBO Max, "Pride Guide" is our 2021 Pride Month package celebrating our return to in-person Pride events after a period of lockdowns from the previous year. 
I designed a visual identity using video frames as a bordering device as a nod to our sponsor HBO, and to reference our unique moment in time where in-person and virtual events co-exists as Pride Month returns. Background imagery showing pixels and blue skies hints at both the outside and online worlds. 
Designed in-house at Tripadvisor. 
Social Media
This visual identity is translated across emails and on social channels, such as Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

Hispanic Heritage Month
The 2021 Hispanic Heritage Month package at Tripadvisor celebrates diverse Hispanic voices, cultures and neighbourhoods from around the world, from dream Latin American trips to authentic eats and everything in-between.
With the theme of celebration, and excitement of travel across Latin America, I developed a visual identity that involves shapes and patterns inspired from Spanish Talavera tiles that originated from Spain, and quickly spread across Mexico and the rest of Latin America. 
Illustrations by Jennifer Dahbura, which appears on our article pages, social media and on the homepage banner.
Illustration by Jenni Dahbura
Illustration by Jenni Dahbura

Juneteenth 2021 
To celebrate Juneteenth 2021, we rounded up a list of ways to celebrate on our site and on social, "11 Places To Celebrate Juneteenth This Year (Plus Some Can’t-Miss Online Events)​​​​​​​."
Illustrations by Chelsea Charles, which appears on our site and across social. 
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