Project Info
Vote For Our Future is a digital Refinery29 campaign featuring a microsite and social media promotion created for the 2020 US Election with the objective of encouraging Americans, particularly Refinery29's core audience of eligible Millennial and Gen Z readers, to register and vote. 
Role: Art Director, Campaign Strategist, Designer (Brand Identity, UX/UI) 
Art Direction & Design: Michelle Lin, Seeta Kanhai
Junior Designer: Michelle Cope
Illustrator: Peter Strain
Web Developer: Lee Misenheimer
Senior Politics Editor: Natalie Gontcharova
Initial Wireframes
Inspired by the emotional sense of urgency, our initial wireframes experiments with bold graphics with large applications of red.
The Palette
A gradient purple added a softer touch to an otherwise very graphic and bold palette, and to help represent the uncertainty of the two parties. 
Header & Article Openers
Working with illustrator Peter Strain, our main goal for the header imagery was to evoke the feelings of hope and anxiety that many young women across the country were experiencing.
The look of the illustrated header helped to provide the visual direction for the series of designed collages that accompanied the articles. 
The Microsite
Desktop and mobile versions of the microsite below. Check out the live version on Refinery29 here.
Social Media Promotion
We promoted our package on the R29's social channels through a series of short, easy-to-digest posts about the two candidates and their stances. These were templates for Instagram's in-feed posts and stories. 
Wheat paste texture provided by Vectonauta on Freepik.
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