Refinery29 x Paragard
Refinery29 Editorial
Refinery29 Editorial
Illustrations for feature, The True Millennial Aesthetic Is The Subscription Economy
Refinery29 x Dr. Dennis Gross
Illustrations for feature entitled, Is Your Skin Stressed Out? Here Are 5 Ways To Find Out.
Shopping Illustrations for VICE Media
Created stock shopping illustrations for the entire VICE Media Group. 

Long Live Style
Branding and collage design for Refinery29's Fashion Week 2020 package called Long Live Style. As a uniquely different fashion week, this package is about looking away from the industry and back to ourselves and each other for aesthetic inspiration.
Vogue Voyage (Concept 1): logos and moodboard for a futuristic theme I created with the idea of Fashion Week 2020 being entirely virtual.  
Style Revolution (Concept 2): I created a punk rock style concept from the idea of rejecting tradition and the industry, and being true to yourself. As the chosen option, I set the overarching art direction, designed a logo, overall branding and collage designs.
Title cards for videos part of the Long Live Style package that appears on the Refinery29 YouTube channel.
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