Working closely with Refinery29's co-founder, Piera Gelardi, I lead a full visual rebrand of @refinery29's Instagram channel to drive our company's bold vision for the future. With millions of followers globally, @refinery29 is a platform to inspire and drive change. Our goal was to challenge and redefine femininity, and create a visual identity to can revolutionize the possibilities of social. 
This rebrand included a branded toolkit, a new visual identity, colour palette, typography guidelines, customizable templates, a pattern library and new content across Instagram Stories. Following the rebrand launch, @refinery29 saw an increase from 2.6 to 2.9 million followers.
Designed in-house at Refinery29.
Moving away from the conventional, I developed a new palette that focused on unexpected colour pairings. Avoiding "traditional" feminine colours, and towards a palette that blurred gender norms, focusing on emotions that felt bold and adventurous. 
With its success on social, these colours were shortly adapted as Refinery29's official company palette. ​​​​​​​
Designed a library of easily customizable templates for a variety of scenarios, such as "groundbreaking individuals", mantra posts, tweets, and news articles. For the first time at Refinery29, I paired our two company fonts, Brown and Playfair to be used together, and designed 3D versions to use for mantra posts. 
I introduced and illustrated a new iconography style for our Instagram Stories, creating 3D illustrations with dark shadows for a bold, eye-catching look that translates well on a small scale. I also created a series of gif sticker packs. 
Together, these visuals helped to redefine our new IGS content for our existing series such as Sweet Digs and Money Mondays, but also to introduce our new series that we created during the 2020 pandemic, such as Staying In, Closet Tours and Pantry Cleanout. 
Since shopping features are a popular series on our IG stories, I also designed a template to unify this series to feel on-brand to our new Refinery29 social identity, while being versatile enough to use across a wide variety of campaigns. This is an example I designed for an Adidas Superstars branded partnership, which uses a blended Refinery29 x Adidas colour palette.
Drawing inspiration from art galleries, I developed a library of hand-drawn patterns to use as backgrounds for quotes and various posts. The idea behind this library is to bring together an eclectic mix of patterns and prints. Browsing through @refinery29 should feel like an art experience, rather than just another corporate media channel. 
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