The Brief
As a designer on the growth creative team at Lyft, I work closely with the brand design team to design and illustrate a range of projects that include emails, social media assets and ads. Other projects include branding Lyft's Quality Week and Express Drive. 
Created: In-house at Lyft.
Emails and illustrations
I design and create original illustrations for user and driver emails. These span across all of Lyft's growth initiatives, such as announcement and driver on-boarding emails. Announcement emails are a way to present Lyft's new programs and incentives to passengers and drivers, and branding these emails through a consistent colour palette and illustrations help to create the first touch points users have with these initiatives (white car illustration created by Guillaume Kurkdjian​​​​​​​). 
Playing with scale, I created the concept of having a small car "targeting" a large inventive in a series of paid acquisition illustrations, bringing a playful touch to the structured lines of Lyft's newly adapted isometric illustration style. This series was well-received and I was tasked with building an asset library with many versions of these illustrations.
Halloween digital campaign
I lead the 2018 rebrand of the Halloween digital campaign, which is Lyft's second busiest night of the year. These include creating illustrations and designs for passenger and driver emails, digital ads for Facebook and Instagram, as well as in-app console cards for the Lyft Driver app.
Fun fact: the illustration received a shoutout on Reddit!

Driver on-boarding comms
I worked on a large-scale rebranding of the Lyft driver's on-boarding emails for the US and Canada. This project consisted of designing over 40 emails, that have since expanded to over 60 through testing and iterations. In this redesign, the focus is on straight-forward and inviting copy coupled with a clean and minimal design to help aspiring Lyft drivers throughout the application process. 
I also created a series of minimal illustrations (these include driver registration, driver license, Canadian SIN, car insurance cards and more) to help guide drivers through this process.​​​​​​​
Landing pages
With programs and incentives that also appeared on the Lyft website, I designed responsive landing pages with graphics and icons to support it (illustration on top right created by Nick Slater). 
Digital ads
I worked on a variety of digital ad campaigns targeted towards both driver and passenger that span across a variety of social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram and Linkedin.

Quality Week 
Created a logo and t-shirt for Lyft's Engineer Quality Week. This logo was used in presentations by Lyft's CMO and turned into swag such as shirts and stickers that were handed out during Quality Week events. The logo features a logo mark that highlights the Q as code {}, as a nod to the engineers. 
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