Google Science Fair
As designer on Google's Brand Studio team under the Creative Direction of Junko Maegawa, I helped to rebrand Google Science Fair, a global competition that inspires teens to solve real-world problems with the application of science, technology, engineering and maths. My role included designing and developing the Science Fair brand playbook, art directing videos, designing a trophy, and designing the final Awards Ceremony in Mountain View, California. 

Creative Lead: Junko Maegawa
Senior Designer: Tony Lee 
Designer: Michelle Lin
Motion Designers: Brien Hopkins and Dylan Casano
Producer/Strategist: Laura Nichol
Agencies: Across the Pond, MBooth, Sparks

Visual Identity
The Google Science Fair rebrand takes a new approach in creating a visual system that focuses on shapes that represent a variety of approaches to problem-solving and a broader diversity of perspectives. These shapes are born from the vast range of STEM-inspired disciplines, topics and challenges. 
These shapes are reimagined into design solutions across print and digital, such as emails, swag and certificates.
Social Media
To spread excitement for Google Science Fair, we promoted the event through our social media channels such as on the @google Instagram account, and the Google Science fair Instagram, Twitter and YouTube channels. I art directed several videos with our external video production agency.
Finalists Announcement Video​​​​​​​

Instagram In-Feed Posts
I designed a series of graphics that were posted to Instagram every Monday in the month of July 2019 that focused on promoting each of the finalists' ideas through a series of intriguing questions. 
Official Google IG Stories
Art direction for a series of Instagram stories that appeared on the official @google Instagram account and the Google Science Fair IG throughout the month of July. Eight stories were posted every Monday in the month of July. 
Youtube videos
Designed and art directed an interactive animated wall that highlighted each finalist, and a "Meet the Finalists" video that played during the opening ceremony and on the Google Science Fair YouTube channel. 
The Trophy
The design of the trophy was a huge spotlight moment for Google Science Fair due event coverage from major news outlets. In fact, the trophy would be one of the most highly photographed visual during the event. 
Working with a model fabrication company, we designed these hand-crafted trophies out of custom-cut magnetic wooden blocks. The blocks can be pulled apart and rebuilt in different configurations to highlight different approaches to problem-solving.
There are five trophies in total — one Grand Prize trophy, and four runner-up sponsor trophies: LEGO Education, Virgin Galactic, National Geographic and Scientific Explorer. 
The Awards Ceremony in Mountain View, California
Twenty-four global finalists flew to Google's Mountain View HQ from July 26 - 29th 2019 for a four day event that concluded with the final awards ceremony. I designed several print pieces for the event, such as a wall map, exhibit pods, shirts and hoodies.
Several major news outlets, such as Forbes and CNN covered the event and the winners. The Grand Prize went to Fionn Ferreira from Ireland for his idea to remove microplastics from the ocean. 
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