As a visual designer on Google's Brand Studio team under the creative direction of Junko Maegawa, I helped to rebrand and create the brand identity for Google CS First, an online computer science platform with free, educational games and videos for students to learn how to code.
Our new visual system was created based on the idea of building blocks, visually represented in a grid system that appears throughout our visuals. As part of the rebrand, I also designed a brand guidelines playbook, illustrations, swag and promotional materials, and created an original typeface called Block Sans. 
Designed in-house at Google Brand Studio.
Brand Identity + Illustrations
I created a series of original illustrations which appears across the CS First website and on promotional materials. A touch of quirkiness was added to these illustrations to give these characters a fun personality that students can resonate with.
These illustrations have different themes depending on the curriculum, such as Art, Storytelling, Social Media and Animation. 
Social Media
Promotional Brochure
CS First Block Sans
I created Block Sans, a typeface intended as a display font to accompany the company's standard Google Sans. Block Sans can be used anywhere within the CS First program for an injection of playfulness — from posters, social media to informational graphics and swag.
Check out some type specimen explorations here.
Additional Swag
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