Select projects I've art directed at Refinery29 and Tripadvisor.
2021 Refinery29 Career Horoscopes 
Art directed a new vision for our newly created career horoscope series. 
Illustrations by Daniel Zender. View the entire project on Refinery29.
Won an AI-AP award - American Illustration 40 in 2021. 

2020 Refinery29 Love Horoscopes  
Art directed a new vision to revamp our love horoscope series. 
Illustrations by Amber Vittoria. View the entire project on Refinery29.​​​​​​​

Fashion Week 2020
Illustrated by Ohni Lisle for the article, "How Street Style Became Screen Style."

Illustrated and animated by Daniel Zender for the article, "" ​​​​​​​

Ulta Holiday 2020 
Illustrated by Daiana Ruiz for our Ulta 2020 holiday package in a custom designed microsite called, "Choose Joy.

Refinery29 x Traditional Medicinals
Illustrated by Agathe Singer for Refinery29 for the article, "This Is Why “Wellness Teas” Have Grown So Popular In Quarantine,"
Refinery29 x The Body Shop
Illustrated by Franziska Barczyk for Refinery29 for the article, "Self-Care Is Important, But These Women Want You To Prioritize Self Love,"
Juneteenth 2021 
Illustrated by Chelsea Charles for Tripadvisor's 2021 Juneteenth's article, "11 Places To Celebrate Juneteenth This Year (Plus Some Can’t-Miss Online Events)​​​​​​​."
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